TV GYM Features:

1x TV GYM with:

  1. -Dual 360 Roller System

  2. -Resistance Adjustor &

  3. -Built-in Backpack Straps

2x Foot Straps

2x Non-Slip, Soft Grip

Ergonomic Handles

2x Interchangeable

Power Flexors

Lose 10lbs in 3 weeks

Diet Plan

1x Easy to Follow Workout Instruction Book

The TV GYM’s
Roller System
allows for a
smooth 360
Power Flexors
are easily interchangeable.
Add more for higher intensity
Each power flexor adjusts to 3 levels
of resistance.
No-fuss non slip handles and foot straps for a full body workout
Join 2 TV Gym’s together using the buddy flap for combo workout routines to cut your workout time in half.
The Complete
TV GYM System